Better retirement outcomes.

We provide participants with a clear and simple path to retirement by identifying the target benefit, expanding the range of contributions while limiting the employer’s liability, incorporating market efficient portfolios, and benchmarking fees for better outcomes.

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Bridging the retirement gap.

We help employees and business owners bridge their retirement gap by expanding the range of pre-tax contributions beyond what traditional retirement plans offer.

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Flexible Compensation. With a Purpose.

flexComp empowers employers and employees to take better control over their compensation and benefits strategy in order to produce a more meaningful result with every dollar.

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Fresh ideas. Expert advice. Future insights.

Retirement Plan Consulting

We design and operate retirement plan solutions that are optimized for organization’s goals, which may include things like maximum tax savings, retirement progress clarity, or employee retention. Let’s talk about what a new design can do for you.


flexComp takes the guess-work out of reaching your retirement goals by applying the same actuarial approach used for decades by traditional pension plans – but adapted to work with 401(k), profit sharing, and other types of modern defined contribution plans.


An idea is only as good as its ability to be easily implemented and operated.  So we built technology that can facilitate complex ideas and make them simple to manage.

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